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"It is an impressive collection of features"

Real Movie News 

"the lavishly housed package gains more praise for its assortment of extra features. A ...  fascinating documentary on the Duke ...  and an interesting piece on the real-life historical background to the drama."

Chris McEneany May 15, 2011

"The Duke at Fox  ... It's an excellent overview of Wayne's career at the Fox studio"

DVD Talk 
Jason Bailey May 22, 2011


" The Real Hustler: Walter Tevis ... 
A fascinating featurette on the author of The Hustler novel"


" Paul Newman at Fox ... It's thorough and interesting, detailing most of the films he did for Fox, and is well worth watching."

" Jackie Gleason: The Big Man  ..  is an excellent piece."

DVD Verdict
Daryl Loomis June 6, 2011



THE ROBE (Blu-Ray)
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"One of the Year's Best..."

"The featurettes, produced by Cloverland...excellent. This release ... generates the same kind of excitement movie buffs used to feel when Criterion first started releasing special edition laserdiscs...a DVD Talk Collector's Series Title"

Stuart Galbraith IV " DVD Talk, March 17, 2009

This new Special Edition of The Robe will surely not disappoint...Highly recommended!

Nick Zegarac, Nixpix, March 20, 2009




The folks at Cloverland —perhaps the most prolific producer of DVD content for vintage movies nowadays—have done an exceptional job producing bonus features that call on virtually every living Hitchcock scholar as well as experts on Daphne Du Maurier (for Rebecca) and Salvador Dali (for Spellbound). Hitchcock’s granddaughter Mary Stone adds a warm, personal perspective to the proceedings.

I can find nothing to criticize in this package; in fact it’s one of the finest DVD presentations of any director’s work on the market.

Leonard Maltin



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“The big one for 2008: just as they did with the “Ford at Fox” collection in 2007, Fox Home Entertainment has raised the bar for home video releases with this set devoted to the work of F. W. Murnau and Frank Borzage, two more masters on the payroll of classical Hollywood’s most director-friendly studio.”

David Kehr, New York Times, December 29, 2008

“Not to put too fine a point on it, but I want to have sex with the Murnau, Borzage and Fox DVD set.”

Dan Callahan, Slant Magazine, December 16, 2008

“The lives and careers of both directors, as well as studio founder William Fox, are explored in John Cork’s insightful documentary Murnau, Borzage, and Fox. Much could be said about Cork’s skillful handling of the fascinatingly intricate history of Hollywood and its dichotomy of commerce and art.”

Cullen Gallagher, The L Magazine, December 2008

The final disc in the collection contains Murnau, Borzage and Fox (2008), a 105-minute documentary that spans the entirety of William Fox's career... Directed by John Cork and Lisa Van Eyssen, the documentary is rich in detail, and illustrated with a treasure trove of archival clips and photographs...Murnau, Borzage and Fox is a monumental DVD collection. It raises the bar high, demonstrating the degree to which a studio's video label can pay tribute to its own history, resurrect the neglected films of its past, and prove itself dedicated to the ongoing preservation of the moving image.

Asa Kendall, Jr., Turner Classic Movies, January, 2009



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“a great show” (re: The Making of The Day The Earth Stood Still)

Stuart Galbraith IV, DVD Talk, December 2, 2008

“the supplements are terrific”

Judge Clark Douglas, DVD Verdict, December 15, 2008

“Fox has seen fit to load the disc with supplemental materials that alone are worth the price of admission. As such, The Day the Earth Stood Still easily earns my highest recommendation.”

Martin Leibman,, December 21, 2008

“The best new extra is A Brief History of Flying Saucers, an excellent analysis of the flying saucer craze as examined by cultists, debunkers and the commercial opportunists of Roswell, New Mexico. It offers several famous bits of saucer footage, most of which look terribly phony. The piece concludes by stating Carl Jung's theory that the saucer craze is a form of social hysteria, a search for a new God to replace the old.”

Glenn Erickson (DVD Savant), DVD Talk, December 6, 2008



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“Without a doubt this is the definitive version of Casino Royale to nab, and might even be a worthy pickup for those with 2007’s original Blu-ray release, solely due to the updated and much improved bonus content…SPECIAL FEATURES A+”

Ryan Telesca, DVD Fanatic

“This is a Bond fan's dream, covering everything from the creation of the character to how Ian Fleming took his coffee.”

Eric Alt, Maxim

“Quite simply the best James Bond DVD ever produced…Here you’ll find a series of amazing, in-depth documentaries on every aspect of production that go off on fascinating tangents covering the entire history of James Bond 007. Producer John Cork boasted that even the most well-versed Bond fans would learn at least one thing they didn’t know from each documentary–and he’s right. There’s a trove of knowledge here that will delight the 007 fanatic in your life. This is the must-have disc of the season. And it's also available on Blu-Ray!”

Matthew Bradford, Double-O Section, December 17, 2008

“Usually background material of the sort examined in “The Road to Casino Royale” would be zipped through in about three minutes during a broader Royale documentary. The fact “Road” gets almost half an hour to dig into adaptation issues makes it much more enjoyable. “Road” gives us a terrific look at the winding path the source followed, and it proves quite valuable.”

Colin Jacobson, The Hollywood News, October 21, 2008

“A two-disc set worthy of the best Bond film in ages. This is one fine Collector's Edition.”

Peter M. Bracke, High Def Digest, October 19, 2008

The Road to Casino Royale (26:33) - This excellent mini-documentary is a look at the book Casino Royale and why it took so long to make it a proper Bond film…this is the full, detailed story. An excellent watch.

Ian Fleming's Incredible Creation (21:14)
- Though I have seen a good number of specials on Fleming and how he created Bond, I think this one is the most interesting and detailed...Another excellent watch.

James Bond in the Bahamas (24:15)
-…Watch this featurette and squirm with jealousy when you see the gorgeous locations and meet various crewmembers from all the past Bond films that have shot in the Bahamas. There is lots of great vintage behind-the-scenes footage and interviews in this very awesome featurette.

Ian Fleming: The Secret Road to Paradise (24:27)
- …This is indeed a secretive history that I bet a lot of people didn't know…

Filmmaker Profiles (53:03) - When I selected "Play All" I was shocked at the length of this - in a good way. What I thought was going to be just a collection of simple on-screen biographies ended up being short featurettes on six of the more prominent crewmembers: director Martin Campbell (10:45), special effects coordinator Chris Corbould (8:22), director of photography Phil Meheux (8:05), stunt coordinator Gary Powell (8:33), second unit director Alexander Witt (7:03) and composer David Arnold (10:12). As you can see, they each range from 7 to 11 minutes in length. This section is excellent on two levels: it is a small moment for each of these often overlooked masters to chat about their craft and their contribution to the film, but it is also just downright interesting. It's a great way to round out the set, so put aside an hour to watch it all the way through and remember that the actors are only a small part of any film.

Ken Shallcross, DVD Fanatic, October 27, 2008

“Of particular interest in the new three-disc release are the extras segments "Ian Fleming: The Secret Road to Paradise" and "James Bond in the Bahamas," both behind-the-scenes cultural-political histories of the Caribbean's role in the 007 films, but even more a profile of some of the people who inspired or lent their names to such Fleming book (and later film) characters as 007's CIA chum Felix Leiter, uber-Bond girl Honeychile Rider, British Secret Service chief M, and Bond himself. Though mainly a fanciful amplification of Fleming, many of Bond's traits clearly represent a composite of real people who were close to the author in Britain, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Likewise eye-opening is "The Road to Casino Royale," a history-in-brief which dates back to the early 1950s.
These generally engrossing featurettes, dominated by social dynamics, little-known connections and the early battles to see who would control the 007 franchise, dovetail well with the involved biographies of Fleming (and the Bond character) contained in the "The James Bond Ultimate Edition."[also produced by Cloverland]”

Bill Thompson, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina, October 30, 2008

"The holy grail for all DVD, Bond, and movie aficionados"

Jeffrey Harris, October 27, .2008

A monstrously complete collection of featurettes, never before seen deleted scenes, storyboards, filmmaker profiles, and everything you could possibly ask for regarding Casino Royale. There's nothing left on the cutting room floor or in the back room for future editions. This is as special as Casino Royale is going to get...The featurettes are incredibly extensive.

Brian Tallerico, The Deadbolt

"One of, if not the, best Blu-Ray releases to date."


"The special features on this new edition are the main incentive to purchase Casino Royale again - and they do not disappoint. Far more in-depth than the usual 'making of' documentaries, John Cork (and his company Cloverland) have produced some fascinating and insightful featurettes documenting the story of how Casino Royale made it from page to screen...A must-buy for Bond fans."

The Road to Casino Royale: " This documentary is a fascinating and ironic account of the long journey to make a faithful version of Casino Royale and makes riveting viewing."

James Bond in the Bahamas: "essential viewing"

Ian Fleming: The Secret Road to Paradise: "For the Fleming fan, this expertly researched featurette written, directed and edited by John Cork is the real highlight of the DVD.

Kevin Harper, 007 Magazine

"a generous array of entertaining and informative supplements...we have a winner."

Dan Ramer, DVD File November 24, 2008



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“The centerpiece among the extras is a Carmen Miranda: The Girl from Rio, a feature-length biography in 16:9 enhanced widescreen format. It's generally excellent, and to its great credit doesn't limit itself to the Fox films but goes into considerable detail about Miranda's pre-Hollywood career in Brazil, with myriad articulate interviewees - varied experts on Brazilian popular culture, movie musicals, etc. - putting the performer into historical and cultural context, as well as her monumental place in the development of samba and its international popularity.”

Stuart Galbraith IV, DVD Talk, June 17, 2008




“erudite and informative featurettes on Tolstoy”

Dale Callahan, Slant Magazine, May 1, 2007

“There are quite a few nice extras for this 20th Century-Fox Cinema Classics Collection DVD edition. First, there's a wonderful 30 minute documentary, Tolstoy: The Man Behind Anna, written and directed by John Cork, that is must-viewing prior to watching the film.”

Paul Mavis, DVD Talk, April 24, 2007




“There's an impressive documentary, John Fowles: The Literary Magus that is required viewing after seeing The Magus. So often, these DVD documentaries amount to little more than extended commercials for the films you just saw, but John Fowles: The Literary Magus reaches real depths in exploring the life and work of Fowles, while maintaining an almost unheard of (for DVD documentaries, at least) even balance in presenting opinions and views of Fowles as a person and as an artist. This isn't just some whitewash "rah rah" celebration of Fowles; the revelations from his step-daughter about some of Fowles' actions, bring real contrast to the usual critical cheering for his life, and deeply impact the viewer's reading of the film The Magus. It's really a thorough, well thought-out documentary.”

Paul Mavis, DVD Talk, October 17, 2006

“a probing biography of Fowles”

Noel Murray, The A.V. Club, November 7, 2006




[The Era of Chan is] “a wonderful 35 minute featurette that features all manner of Chan-fans and historians talking about the seven films included. It's even stated outright the fact that Chan films were cancelled because Americans wouldn't want an Asian hero during WWII. That's not a mystery but kudos to Fox for appreciating the facts and not rewriting history. Too often studios throw out special features that glorify films without ever delving into the more harmful historical aspects.”

Cal Kemp, , September 30, 2008




Re: The Legacy of Charlie Chan: “Fans of the films should really enjoy this retrospective and enjoy the insight that is provided into the various aspects of the movie. It's also interesting to hear the arguments against the perceived racism in the films, and quite refreshing as well.”

Ian Jane, DVD Talk, June 20, 2006

“excellent supplements included with the Chan films.”

Paul Corupe, DVD Verdict, September 18, 2006




“I really enjoyed the extras included with this set…Highly recommended.”

John Sinnot, DVD Talk, August 2, 2006

“The Mr. Moto series is unusual because it is largely the work of one filmmaker, Norman Foster, who directed six of the eight films in the series and contributed to the screenplays of several. Foster, whose rich and fascinating life story is recounted by a documentary by John Cork included in the box set, was a world traveler turned Broadway actor who came to Hollywood with his wife, Claudette Colbert, and worked as an actor for several years. (The documentary includes tantalizing clips of his work in John Ford’s “Pilgrimage” and Henry King’s “State Fair,” which one hopes are on the Fox future release schedule.)”

David Kehr, New York Times, August 1, 2006




“fun and informative featurettes”

Paul Corupe, DVD Verdict, March 19th, 2007




“Ironically, these features are more entertaining than the actual feature presentation.”

Michael Staley, DVD Verdict, November 20, 2003



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“superb new DVD release”

Almar Haflidason, BBC



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“a warm tribute to the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Arnhem, and to the filmmakers who dared to tell the truth about it.”

BBC Films

“The documentaries really carry the extras here and for anyone interested in this particular failed mission, they will be invaluable.”

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