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Fragile Shores: The Waters of St. Andrew Bay
Fragile Shores - The Waters of St Andrew Bay
About the Project
St. Andrew Bay—home to thousands of species of plant and animal life—plays an important role in the environmental health of the Gulf Coast. It is also home to growing cities, towns and industries along the Florida Panhandle, attracting millions of tourists each year to its clear waters and white sand beaches. Today, rapid development threatens the health and natural beauty of the area by allowing large quantities of untreated stormwater to flow into the bay. Fragile Shores examines how rainwater carries pollutants into our waterways from lawns, farms, roads and parking lots, even those located miles away from the shoreline. We reveal the consequences of neglect and show how one set of communities is banding together to find solutions. Fragile Shores examines an important and growing environmental problem for coastal communities and the nation.

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